Road Safety Hazards in Philippine

Road Safety Hazards in Philippine

A road safety hazard can be described as the thing that may lead a driver to change speed, direction or stop instantly that can cause harm. These types of awkward situation can be responsible for a road accident. Let’s have a look on some road safety hazards facing on the road.

- The curved roads are considered as the common hazard of road safety. If the driver is new on the road, it might be a big hassle for him.

- The presence of animals on road breaks the road safety. It might be a big animal like cow or elephant or might be a small animal like cat or dog.

- Driving at night is actually dangerous. But it becomes more dangerous when there is a absence of proper lighting on the road. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it is responsible for frequent road accident.

- Unusual speed breaker is another hazard in case of road safety. Unusual means the improper height and imperfect color on the breaker.

- If the drainage cover is situated on the middle of the road, it can be an obstacle for the riders sometimes. When it is uncovered, it can be responsible for a big accident.

- The presence of trees beside with the roadside are considered as the safety guard for the vehicles. But it becomes rush when the bough of trees spreads and come on the road.

- The improper placing of electricity poles breaks the safety on the road. It creates hazard by the electric wire or the pole itself.

- Road construction zone creates safety hazard for the riders. Although this problem is not so long and durable.

- Wet road after raining can be an obstacle of safety road which can be responsible for a road accident.

- Digital signboard might be a reason for missing the rider attention during riding. It spoils the safety of road also.

Road safety has an impact on the lives of citizens. It measures are put in place so as to ensure that there is safety for all road user.

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